I've been IMAGINING IMAGES as far back as I can remember. I have always loved looking at images and imagining others in my head. I love paging through "coffee table" books of wonderful photographs... people, places, things... light, color, shapes. I could spend countless hours in a library thumbing through pages of old LIFE and LOOK magazines with their gorgeous black and white images from past decades. Today one only needs access to the internet to view countless millions of images from around and out of this world! 

     People images occupy a special place in my mind. Those fractional slices of a life frozen in time. How can one gaze at such images and not wonder about the lives behind the faces. What were they thinking at that moment. What was their life like before and after that moment the image was captured?

     Now retired, I hope to spend much more time honing the craft... capturing on digital media that which I imagine.


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